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Angel Alvarado R.
CEO and Data engineer.
23 Jan 2017
are part of Cuba's emerging technology industry.

Cuba's emerging technology industry.


Daniel, Ero and I met 6 years ago during a trip to Cuba. We've kept in touch since then and now that Cuban technology industry is gaining momentum we're telling our story.

Back in 2011, I traveled to Cuba for the first time. While traveling in south part of the island, I ended up in Bayamo where I met Daniel through a friend. Through him, I learned that although the education system provided developers with a strong computer science foundation, they faced many challenges and a lack of opportunities in Cuba. When they were able to find internet access, it was slow, unreliable, and expensive. 

When I came back to Mexico, I found a couple of companies that needed custom software. I put them in touch with Daniel and Ero, who developed magnificent .Net and Java applications for them. There it was, people from Bayamo, Cuba's little town creating software even in the most difficult conditions.

Over the years, Daniel, Ero, and I have developed a good friendship, and we have even created a couple of websites together. Not long ago we sat down to discuss the potential of Cuba and its software engineers. Again, people are eager to learn and apply all their knowledge but face a lack of opportunities. 

This time we decided to dive into the big data world and show that we have the knowledge and skills to solve big data problems. With that goal in mind, we are creating our own opportunities, contributing to open source software and building a reputation to let the world know that technology and developers in Cuba are emerging.