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Data Engineering

We believe Big Data technologies should be understood by any software engineer. We help and provide information to learn the necessary tools to deep into data engineering creating data analysis platforms to stream data in nearly real time.

We are part of Cuba and its ongoing changes in the tech sector.

The Cuban technology sector has huge potential thanks to its highly educated engineers. Here at Molanco, as a Latin American collective, we demonstrate that changes to this sector have touched down in Cuba by providing top-notch knowledge on Big Data technologies.

We use open source software for our web-app development, we create e-commerce websites with Shopify, Django, Drupal and PHP.

Get in touch and let's talk Data Enginering.
We provide a communication channel to talk about Data, Data Engineering, Analytics and Sience. We spread knowledge on several Big Data spectrums. We invite you to be part of this community where we share and exchange information about Big Data and Data Engineering.