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What we do:
Data Visualizations

We provide create or give you the necesary platforms to create data visualizations in Kibana and Superset (formelly Caravel)

Data Analysis

We build datasets ready for conducting your own in-house analysis. We can also create dashboards and visualizations to your specifications. 

You'll get a documented, ready to use self-service platform build on top of the following technologies:

* Streamsets Data Collector
* Apache Kafka
* ElasticSearch
* Kibana Dashboards
* Sql Databases with cleaned and meaningful data
* AirBnb's Superset Dashboards

* Data ready to use in data visualization and BI tools such as Tableau.

Data Extraction/Streaming

The self-service platform we'll provide will ETL your data in a streaming-fashion way. It'll extract your data, transforming it and load it if necessary. We'll also provide rich datasets so you can conduct your in-house analysis.

If you have data on a website, an application, in log files, Excel files or Google Docs. We extract any kind of data from these sources. 

Currently Supported Formats:
* Google Analytics
* Log files
* Excel Files
* APIs
* Google spreadsheets
Scraped Web
* Hadoop files